Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington and California US Senate Races.

January 20, 2014

Just so you all know I will try my best to cover the above Republican races for US Senate.

The information is lean and will take some time and effort.

My home State of Oregon has 5 people running.  I just got their web sites.  Have no clue as of yet if any are worth a look or not.

California is easy, no Republican is running against Ms Anti-gun and Ms pro-socialist Diane Feinstien!

The former Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle is the sole runner.  Just scanning, she is called a “moderate”, has done a Christy with Obama yet has pissed off the gay and lesbian groups.  I’ll look at her closely.  On the surface, sounds RINO to me.

So far not getting anything from Washington State.

As to my real home Alaska three major contenders, Mead Treadwell (Lt Governor), Dan Sullivan (former AG and DNR commissioner) and Joe Miller.  I need to think about my comments on these three.  Most likely I will do separate pieces on each State.




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