Open Letter to all Legislators Nation-Wide

February 16, 2014

For those who do not know, I am one of two Directors for Citizen Initiatives in Alaska.  Our goal is to get 34 States to submit calls for a Convention of States for the purpose of proposing two amendments, States Sovereignty and States Rights Amendment and the Countermand Amendment.  The proposed text of these two amendments can be viewed here:  SOVEREIGNTY AMENDMENT – PDF: and COUNTERMAND AMENDMENT – PDF:

Sadly, I and others are running into the same thing over and over again, fear!  Fear of what the far right and left say would be a run-away convention, fear that George Soros has his hand in this, fear of the unknown.  So let me talk about fear for a moment.

In  1765  the King and Parliament passed the Stamp Act, in 1773 the Tea Act, then the Tea Party of 1765 was the first of many that started us toward revolution against the crown.  Was there fear by the colonist then?  You bet there was!  Fear of a tyrant who treated the colonies as stepchildren and what he would do to them.  Then patriots like Thomas Jefferson, Madison, Mason, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, to name just a few, decided to do something radical and way outside the comfort zone of the colonist!  For they dared to come together to write the Declaration of Independence and of note was the closing sentence: “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.  Talk about fear!  These gentlemen came together to form a nation, knowing if the British were to catch them or their families they would surely die, which several did!

What is the difference between our founding fathers and our legislatures today?  True enough God made the mold for those men and women and never made another like them!  But God has made men and women since then who valued freedom above all else and were willing to fight and die for it over the last 283 years!  Men like Andy Jackson (New Orleans), men like those at Fort  M’Henry from which our national anthem comes from, men like Robert E. Lee and US Grant and all those who fought and died throughout the Civil War.  Those like Sgt York, a pacifist who fought to save his men against the Hun, Pershing, Patton, not to mention all those who fought and died in WWI.  Then there were the Greatest Generation, who fought about three of the most vial tyrants, Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese Emperor, men like Patton, Ike, Bradly, MacArthur, etc.  To bring it up to present, men like my Dad to fought and suffered in Korea, men like Dan Klindt who died in a distant and unnamed battle field in South Vietnam, men and women who fought here at home against injustices like segregation, bigotry and freedom for all, not just a few and of course those unknowns who fought behind the scenes in the Cold War against the evil empires, the Soviet Union and Communist China!  For they all knew fear, the greatest fear, the loss of their lives or the lives of those they were sending into battle.  Yet, our legislators are fearful of invoking Article V of the US Constitution?  Fearful of what?

True enough that people like George Soros, Harry Reid, Barak Obama and the far left and far right like the John Bircher’s and other far right organizations don’t want this to happen.  True enough, they have fear mongered with lies that this would be a run-away convention and sadly enough, there are those who instead of reading further into the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, believe those who we know to be the biggest liars of all!  So if we know that the above far left and right are liars, that to call a Convention of States for the purpose of proposing amendments in a clear and orderly manner can be productive, then what is there to fear?  Surely, those legislator’s are not in fear of their lives, nor the lives of the chosen delegates!  For as of today, the President is NOT a King or Dictator (yet), so those legislator’s do not have to fear arrest for treason or other “crimes against a King or Dictator”.  So what is the fear?

I dare say the fear is of an unknown and that to do something that has never been done before, that maybe something bad will come from it.  That fear, if that is indeed the answer, is so cowardly as to say they do not deserve to be elected legislator’s!  Yet, there are those who do have courage and willing to step forward and do what is right and just, who do not fear the “unknown” because the path is known!  Here in Alaska we have legislator’s who are indeed “Citizen Legislator’s”, people who have the moral courage to take this step.  Like the founders of old, they are in the minority however, but strong enough that they bring with them those who will follow, both within the legislature and outside the legislature!  To help those courageous citizen legislator’s are organizations of fellow patriots who are fearless in the same pursuit of freedom, Citizen Initiatives, Convention of States and Compact for America to name three more prominent ones!  For we may not totally agree on the methods, but we all agree on the goal, stopping a run-away Federal Government by putting forward amendments which will regain our individual and State sovereignty and decrease the over-reaching power of a Centralized Government that is against the People and for the Government!  If you want to know what “fear” is, it is that fear of our President through his continuing misuse of Executive Powers and a Congress and Judiciary who will not stop those violations of the US Constitution which they took an oath to stop!  The “fear” is that this nation is rapidly heading to that of a Dictatorship and unless men and women of courage do what is needed, the outcome will be like that of the Soviet Union and Communist Red China, resulting in the deaths of millions!

In closing to all those legislator’s who read this as well as other freedom loving people.  Will you cower in fear of the unknown and liars or will you educate yourselves, band together with like minded  organizations, fellow legislator’s and constituents and move forward with clear, concise means, methods and amendments to take back this nation?  Are you a patriot, willing to mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor  or a coward in fear of shadows and the unknown?




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