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January 12, 2014

On January 8th I went to a fund-raiser for Dan Sullivan for Senate. The following are some observations and comments based on that fund-raiser.

 Weather wasn’t an issue, but not as large of a turn out as I expected. Maybe 25 to max 40 (didn’t do a head count, just a estimate). Dan was drifting, talking to folks, finding out our passions, concerns and what we want to see happen in the Senate. Dan was very upset with the latest budget, especially on how it attacked the veterans. This happened when he was on active duty as a Battalion Commander and he had troops questioning this hard and really upset and concerned about their careers and what Congress was doing to them, again. From a veteran standpoint, Dan will fight for us so that we aren’t the first thing Congress goes to for saving money.

When Dan got introduced and in talking about what is going on in the Senate, the budget bill and it’s attack on the vets, he made a comment that really concerned me. He said that he would vote to “roll-back ObamaCare”, not vote to repeal, but “roll-back”. That is significant to me in so many ways. We must have a Senator who will push hard and vote for full on repeal of ObamaCare, period, guaranteed! A person asked about how Senator Mitch McConnell is ruling the Republicans and not going on the attack, and now attacking any and all conservatives, especially anything to do with the TEA Party and the Senator’s who are standing with the TEA Party constituents! His answer was weak, the reason I say that is that I don’t remember much of what he said, other than McConnell wouldn’t tell him what to do. On amnesty, two questions came up, didn’t get a firm no and several times he admitted that was not something he was up on. One of the questions brought up enforcing the law, although Dan was for that, it was watered down with not being up on immigration law. OK, I can appreciate an honest answer on not being up on something, but he is running for the Senate and the Amnesty issue has been front and center for some time.

One thing he said, was to look for strong ads coming out. True to his word, they are strong and going after Begich and effectively using Begich’s own words and ads against him. That is good. It makes Mark use up money for his campaign ads sooner, although that is costing Dan as well early in the primary race.

 I have also been to a fundraiser for Joe Miller. The only one I went to was at a contributor’s home. The kitchen, dining room was full, and filled with energy. Joe is on the attack when it comes to Mark Begich.  Joe stated he will work for repeal of ObamaCare with fellow conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. When it comes to McConnell, Joe’s said that he, Ted, Mike and others will be working toward conservative goals and bills in-spite of Mitch McConnell. When it come to the illegal alien issue, Joe has stated to me personally an in the forum that he will push for border security and the rule of law. Unlike an “excuse” of not knowing enough on immigration, pushing the Department of Justice to enforce the law and ensuring illegals are sent back as per the law is a no brainier.

I have not been to a Mead Treadwell fund-raiser and not up on what he is saying and doing enough to report on or make valued judgments or comments. I will say this though. Mead supported Lisa Murkowski in the primary, fine that’s his choice, however, even after Lisa had said she would support the primary winner and then went back on her word and ran as an independent in the general, Mead continued supporting her as did the Alaska Republican Party to the detriment of Joe Miller, the Republican candidate. Thus now we have one of the worse RINO’s in Alaska history when we could have had the ability to have stopped several key votes on cloture and thus some of the most liberal Supreme Court Justices in US history! The same holds true in confirmations of John Kerry for SecState, votes for cloture then voting against nominees like in SecDef, SecInterior, Director for DHS, etc.  Not to mention votes for nominees with the Democrats and Republican Establishment. True enough Senator Reid has gone the nuclear option which has stopped cloture votes, but these votes were well before this latest attack on the Senate by Harry Reid. Now all we can do is get a solid conservative to replace Mark Begich and oppose Lisa Murkowski in her RINO votes. Lisa and Mark voted together more times than opposite. This is a major reason I will not vote for Mead Treadwell.

Now, as to Mark Begich. All who have listened to his ads know the flat out lies that he is stating. Along with those ads, I have all e-mails from him in response to my calls and e-mails to him to vote against ObamaCare, Supreme Court nominees, increasing the national debt ceiling, they go on an on. In all of them his major point is “although the (name the bill) isn’t perfect, I voted for it and submitted amendments to improve it”. His latest response on the budget is: “As passed, the Bipartisan Budget Act would reduce the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) by 1 percentage point for military retirees under age 62. Starting at age 62, retirees will receive the full COLA. This provision would not go into full effect until December 2015.  I heard from hundreds of Alaskans who oppose this COLA reduction. As a strong advocate for Alaska’s military retirees and veterans, I joined my Senate colleagues in supporting the Military Retirement Restoration Act, which would safeguard military retirees from the COLA reductions. While I am pleased with the strong bipartisan support behind the Bipartisan Budget Act, I believe working to eliminate wasteful spending should not be on the backs of our military retirees who served our nation. Since this provision would not go into full effect until December 2015, there is still time to fix this.” As of 11 January, Harry Reid has denied any attempt at the “Military Retirement Restoration Act” along with paying for it by denying tax credits to illegal aliens for their illegal children! Where is Mark? AWOL!  Update, this was voted on the week of 10 Feb and repealed.  Of note, instead of a once or at most two page bill, this was a 3,700 page bill and the repeal language wasn’t until the second to last page!  I have been told that buried in this bill is a COLA cut for all now joining for when they retire!  I have not been able to find it, but with 3,700 pages of legalese, who can say?

The last I will say about Mark Begich is that he is a Deputy to the Anarchist Prince Harry Reid (that is said that way because he called American patriots Anarchist for standing up to ObamaCare, turnabout is fair play)! Harry lets Mark vote or put up legislation so as to “look good” on important issues. Mark says he is all for the 2nd Amendment, yet for votes for the most ant-2nd Amendment Supreme Court Justices, votes for anti-2nd Amendment D.C District Court Judges, his vote for Senator Leahy’s amendment during the attempt by Diane Feinstien to get the assault weapon ban back are just some examples of his votes against the 2nd Amendment! Latest vote was against concealed carry in Post Office’s, but he is so proud that he got passed an amendment so we can carry in our cars in the parking lot!  Wow, Circuit Court has already ruled on that in favor of the people!  Make no mistake, Mark Begich is as socialist as they come and if he stays in the Senate will vote as per his Master, Harry Reid.

Bottom line is that this primary is very important and the winner must be a strong conservative and one who will not only stand against Obama, and Reid, but even more important against the Republican Establishment and help turn the Senate back to what it is supposed to do, each Senator work to fulfill the interests of the State they come from, not the Democrat or Republican Establishment and their agenda for big government! By standing for Alaska and our values and interests, Joe Miller will stand for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our individual and State Sovergneity!

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