Taking back our State Sovereignty and States Rights

January 1, 2014

For full discloser, I am a Director, one of two, for Alaska with http://citizeninitiatives.org. That said, I strongly believe that what Citizen Initiatives is trying to do is part of the right steps to regaining our nations pride and liberties for all. Understand, this is just one step of many we must make. This is not a sprint, but a marathon and steady and slow with determination and grit must be the mantra.

I would suggest going to http://citizeninitiatives.org/sovereignty_states_rights_amend.htm and to http://citizeninitiatives.org/Delegate_Resolution_Sovereignty_States_Rights.htm to read before finishing reading this article. Then the reader will have a better understanding of my comments relating to these two concepts and proposals. Another good read as well, that I plan on referencing is the October 2013 Imprimis article that can be found at http://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/archives. John Marini brings out history and comments that in a large part are mind blowing! Even though I grew up in the LBJ years, I had no idea the destruction he caused and those of his ilk have continued! Lastly before I get into my article, I would like to invite all to listen into the State Legislative National Radio Broadcast. This is a Roundtable discussion for State legislators, on PNN talk radio on 7 Jan 2014 at 8 PM EST. The discussion is for only State Legislators but can be listened into by calling in to (567) 314-8152 Access Code: 1111#

Prior to 1913, the most valued position by Citizen Legislators ( and yes even the Politicians of the early 1900’s)of the time was that of State Senator or State Representative.   I learned this from one of my State Legislator’s.  It comes from “freshman training” they received prior to going to their first session. Why was this? Prior to 1913, the power of the purse and State interests was at the State level, not Congress!  However, the Progressives were hell bent on central control and pushed successfully for the 17th Amendment (The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote, etc), which was the start of the downfall.  This was a major removal of State sovereignty and self determination.  It has had the effect of the Senators not working for the States’ interests but rather for their interests to be re-elected.    Then, according to John Marini (see Imprimis article I suggested in the second paragraph)  the second attack on our Republic came:  The Great Society marked the beginning of an expansion of the federal government and a centralization of political and administrative power in Washington that had long been the domain of local and state governments. In addition to destroying the fabric of federalism, this centralization had the effect of undermining the separation of powers, making it difficult if not impossible for Congress, the president, and the bureaucracy to function amicably in pursuit of a national interest.” He further goes on “in the words of political scientist Morris Fiorina in 1977—the “keystone of the Washington establishment.” Under the Constitution, the separation of powers and the politics of federalism had inhibited Washington from achieving such centralization of power. Progressive intellectuals had criticized the Constitution and advanced the doctrine of the administrative state, and the New Deal had attempted to put Progressive theory into practice. But the administrative state was not institutionalized within the framework of American politics until Congress reorganized itself in the late 1960s and early ’70s, fundamentally altering the separation of powers and the federal system.”

All of this has led to the Federal Government being the power and the States loosing their State Sovereignty and thus their States Rights. I would even go so far as to state that this is when we became slaves to the Federal Government under the unfunded mandates and mandates of the many regulatory agencies that now control our States.

So, is it too late to regain the control of the Sovereign, that being We the People and by that extension the States over that of a runaway Centralized Government that is all powerful? No, it is not too late! Is it close? You bet! But we can do something about it. By now I hope the reader has read the proposed amendment and that how that amendment regains States Right and States Sovereignty along with the countermand and the ability to criminally stop those who have, are and will try to violate the Constitution! We have 30 plus States that have shown over this past year a willingness to countermand bad law, example being the willingness to nullify Federal gun control laws. The problem is that each State is somewhat on their own. How will they enforce the nullification’s against the FBI, DHS, BATF, etc.? This will surely lead to court battles and I submit sadly blood on the streets in some cases.

Countermands under the proposed amendment would give 60% of the States the ability to remove existing law, regulations, executive and secretarial order, and judicial rulings (legislation from the bench). The courts would have not a word to say about it! For if this amendment is ratified by 38 States, it is part of the Constitution and the Supreme Court on down MUST abide by it! This is retroactive as well as all future laws, regs and executive order as well. Can you imagine the ability of 60% of the States who have been under the boot of regulatory agencies like EPA having the ability to not only do away with regulations that have and are impeding their ability to effectively use their resources but the ability to do away with EPA? Can you not imagine all the land and resources that have been stolen from the States, like the land grab by Jimmy Carter upon Alaska (60% of State Lands stolen by Jimmy and then the Congress) that could be countermanded, regained and then developed? Can you not imagine the billions of barrels of oil that would start flowing down the Alaska Pipeline because ANWR would be back in State hands? Not to mention the mining, logging, etc. that would be opened up and jobs created, the economy boosted?

Last issue of importance is that all the States must have a means to control their delegates, thus the Delegate Resolution. We must have at least 26 States doing this so that the most liberal States like California, New York, Mass, New Jersey, etc. cannot push for other amendments not stated in the call and thus stop any potential of a runaway convention.

I and others are working with our State Citizen Legislator’s to advance this. We have had two from Alaska, Representative Wes Keller and Senator Fred Dyson who attended the Mt Vernon meeting with 31 other States with the agenda of how to have a convention that is controlled by the States, effective and reasoned. Further meetings are on the books, May being the next. Citizen Initiatives is holding teleconferences with State Legislator’s on this, that has now evolved into the radio talk show that I brought up at the beginning and that are scheduled for every other Tuesday. The attendance for the past two has increased dramatically and the interest is very much there in taking back our sovereignty!

For those Alaskan’s who want to be a part of this historical endeavor, please let me know through Facebook messaging where then I will get you my e-mail address and/or my phone number to get you on board and putting further emphasis upon your State Reps and Senators! I do hope this has been helpful and I look forward to the coming re-birth of our nation!



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